Professional vehicle protection <br>systems for your paint shop
Professional vehicle protection <br>systems for your paint shop
Protect what
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Professional vehicle protection
systems for your paint shop
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Our food packaging makes you want more
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Industrial films and more
Protect what is important

Our film solutions

Sustainability, resource conservation and health awareness are decisive criteria that we have in mind when developing packaging. On this basis we are engaged in regranulation, colour preparation, eco design. We are environmentally certified and we are an active member of the IK "Zero Granulate Loss" initiative.


Our product portfolio includes vehicle protection systems, flexible packaging, technical and industrial films. The film material made of various thermoplastics can be extruded as a single layer or as a composite film from different film layers. Solvent-free lamination makes our films into complex composites with oriented films made of other plastics or different types of paper.

No compromises

Vehicle protection systems

The development of primarily film-based workshop protection systems has been one of our company's core competencies for years. The extensive product range is accordingly proven and functional. As a long-standing partner of the specialist trade, we continuously develop market and benefit-oriented products.



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Exclusive presentation of your products

Flexible packaging

Our packaging film tailored to your requirements is the solution for your individual packaging needs. The BarriFresh product family is characterized by a high degree of user-friendliness as well as an appealing appearance and takes into account the idea of sustainability in equal measure. A high degree of protection is guaranteed by optimal barrier properties (aroma, water vapour & oxygen barrier, MOSH/MOAH, UV, etc.) and product safety of the film.



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Films with function

Technical films

Technical films of different material combinations are characterized by the fact that they assume a certain function within an application process. In this context, it is crucial that the materials unfold their effect within a narrow, clearly specified range that can be reproduced at any time.



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Application for industrial goods

Industrial films

Industrial films are produced for customers from the chemical, medical, mechanical and electrical engineering sectors, among others. We produce process-oriented films individually tailored to the customer's requirements, which fully meet the various demands of industrial packaging. In addition, we ensure high-quality printing of all basic films, also as a preliminary stage for laminated film composites. Our core competence: reduced thickness, performance-oriented packaging films!



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